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Solving Recruitment using Technology

Welcome to NexGenAI Staffing Group, your gateway to the future of recruitment. As leaders in AI-powered staffing solutions, we are transforming the dynamics of talent acquisition. We strive to merge the power of advanced artificial intelligence with the intricacy of human resources, bringing unprecedented precision, speed, and efficiency to your recruitment process.

At NexGenAI, we understand the importance of identifying the right talent swiftly and effectively. To serve this critical need, we’ve developed key service elements that will redefine your hiring process:

Advanced Candidate Segmentation

Utilizing proprietary big data and social media profiles, we provide an intelligent system that auto-filters and segments potential candidates based on skills, experience, and more. This ensures a highly targeted pool of prospective talent aligned with your unique requirements.

AI-Powered Profile Matching

Through our sophisticated AI algorithms, we ensure accurate profile matching. Our technology intuitively matches candidate profiles to job specifications, ensuring you engage with the most relevant and qualified candidates.

Personalized Candidate Outreach

We believe in the power of personal touch. Using AI, we reach out to potential candidates with personalized messages that resonate with them, driving higher engagement and response rates.

Comprehensive Pre-screening

To guarantee compliance and quality, our AI-driven verification system conducts rigorous checks on candidates’ backgrounds. This system offers peace of mind by ensuring shortlisted candidates meet your company’s requirements and standards.

Sourcing the Best

Get a pre-screened and certified resume that provide you with the best of the talent for your Company.

Volume Hiring

With our automated process of screening that uses the 25M+ certified resumes as a source, scale your hiring activities like never before.

Resume Management

Automated resume screening sorting by keywords or phrases, and automated candidate profiles for faster scheduling of interviews

Why NexGenAI Staffing & Group

Successfully matching employers with employees for 20+ years.


Marketing VPs, Creative Directors, Content Managers, Lead Generation Directors


Software Engineers, Data Managers, Programmers, Developers


Retail VPs, Financial Services Directors, Healthcare Leaders

Public Sector

Utilities Execs, Education Leaders, Supply Chain Officers


C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers

Customer Experience

Client Services Managers, CX Execs, Support Advisors

We Provide A Cost Effective Staffing Solution Using State-Of-The-Art Al Technology

Al-powered candidate sourcing

Accurate Candidate Selection

Improved diversity and inclusivity

Minimized human bias in hiring

Streamlined recruitment process

Achieving cost savings

Increased quality of talent pool

Timely response to job postings

Optimizing the use of resources

Why is finding the right people harder than ever?

Job boards, hiring apps and careless recruiters can overwhelm your inbox with resumes of candidates who lack the needed skillset or don’t fit your firm’s culture.

We have a tech-savvy & efficient team of recruiters to navigate you through the recruitment process pathway. We provide the most flexible working schedule. Also, we have a strong connection and a growing database of 25,000,000 resumes that ensures our success.

BREES™ (In-depth screening system), Lead, Extensive Network and Flexible Schedule – are the aspects that will let you choose us & we are the best choice for staffing and recruiting solutions

At NexGenAI, we figure out your organization’s needs and secure the most competent staff for you. We have brought to you our revolutionary screening method BREES™ that helps you to get pre-screened candidates. According to our survey, 96% of hiring managers would like to schedule an interview for a pre-screened resume containing the BREES™ icon. The candidates who go through the screening have more accurate & verified information that reduces the hiring process’s tussle by more than half.

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NexGenAI Staffing Group is revolutionizing the staffing industry by using AI to reduce costs, time, and effort while improving the quality of hiring and creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace for corporations worldwide.